New Commemorative Coffee Mug

for Flag Conservation Fund-raising

A new commemorative coffee mug is now being offered in return for donations toward the conservation of the next flag from the collection in the Old Capitol.  Cups are $35 pre-paid by mail or $100 for four cups (shipping waived).  The flag chosen next is the battleflag of the 33rd Mississippi Infantry.  This flag was captured at the Battle of Peachtree Creek, on July 20, 1864, by the 26th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, and returned to Mississippi in 1905.

Please contact Ron Stowers either at P.O. Box 16945, Jackson, MS 39236 or via email at or see him at the next meeting of Camp 635. Donations intended to apply to flag conservation to secure a mug should be kept separate from other payments such as dues unless Ron has OKd a single check for all. Contact Ron Stowers to prearrange any combination payments in a single check or to determine how checks for the fund should be made out.

Remember these commemorative mugs are continuing to be made available because of member requests that they be continued. A significant portion of the donation goes into production costs; therefore, this fund-raising incentive will not be continued on future flag projects if response is poor and most if not all mugs are not taken.  On the other hand, only 144 of the mugs have been made so...when they're gone, they're gone; don't delay and miss out on getting yours.