Free Confederate Icons Available Here!

These icons can be used to replace existing shortcut icons on your PC desktop with images of persons or symbols from the Confederacy.

These icons are © 2004, Wayne Anderson & Jefferson Davis Camp 635 SCV.  This copyright notice applies only to the icons and not to the original images from which the icons were produced.  Individuals may use these icons on one or more PCs under their control but may not offer copies of the individual icons or the zip file for sale in any form.

Click here to download WinZip® file

Once you have downloaded the zipped file, unzip it to a folder of your choosing.  The files must be unzipped in order to be used.

Remember that a right click of the mouse opens a dialog box or menu while a left click selects an item or executes an action.

To replace existing shortcut icons on your desktop:

  • right click on the icon and select "Properties" from the drop down menu

  • in the properties box, select "change icon."

  • when the dialog box for the current icon opens, select "Browse"

  • open the folder to which you unzipped the CSA icons

  • select (highlight) the icon you wish to install as a replacement

  • select the "open" button (to place the newly selected icon in the icon info dialog box)

  • select the "OK" button

  • when the properties box reopens, select "Apply" and then "OK" (this should replace the existing desktop icon with the newly selected one)

  This technique should work with all versions of Windows® from 98 through XP, although the dialog boxes/interface in XP may be different from those in earlier Windows® versions.